Jennifer is both an excellent musician and an excellent teacher. She tailors her approach to suit the needs of her students and I always leave a lesson feeling confident about what I have achieved and what I can achieve before my next lesson. As a Head of Music in a school I am well aware of what a good teacher Jennifer is and would thoroughly recommend her to others.
Gabby Woolf - Head of Music

Juliette Greener

Age 6 (Grade 2)

We are very happy that Juliette achieving a Distinction in her Grade 1 Violin exam in June 2014 after attending Jennifer's lesson only from October 2013. Jennifer is a wonderful teacher and very passionate of music and teaching. Juliette started learning the violin at the age of 4 with the Suzuki method but failed to progress with her music note reading. She started with Jennifer in October 2013, who introduced a series of note reading and practice, which Juliette enjoys. She has made a lot of reading progress with Jennifer and Juliette said she loves playing violin and cannot wait for lessons each week.

Christine Lewis (Son: Sam Lewis)

Age 6 (Grade 1)

Jennifer has been instructing my 6 year son on piano for nearly a year. I am thrilled with his progress and the relationship he has with Jennifer, there is never a battle to practice or to go to lessons. She is gentle and patient while quick to use relevant "games" to help refocus when attention wanes. She is well in-tune with my son's strengths and weakness to know where and when extra attention is needed and where/when she can push him to exceed even his own expectations.

Yulia Ball (Daughter: Evangelina)

Age 4

Evangelina is always excited about her piano lessons because Jennifer knows how to find rapport with and explain music to four year olds. She is professional and kind with her students. I can see progress after each class, which is amazing.


Peggy Newton

Daughters: Nadia (age 9, Grade 3) and Olivia (age 7, Grade 2)

Jennifer has been teaching my two daughters violin for almost four years. She is one of the most professional and conscientious people I know. Always on time and focused, she has found a way of engaging the girls and fostered a love of music in them that shows in every piece they play. Jennifer is a perfectionist. As a talented violinist, she knows exactly what areas her students need to work on in order to achieve the highest possible standard. Both my daughters have flourished under her instruction and I cannot recommend Jennifer Mu enough.

Joyce Tan

Age 5

Joyce enjoys her violin lessons because Jennifer makes them varied and teaches her using musical games. There is a lot of fun there.

Aiyoung Seo

Grade 1

I like my violin lessons because they are fun and imaginative. Jennifer is really fun and I really enjoy having Jennifer as my teacher.

Georgie Clements

Age 9 (Grade 2)

I like piano lessons with Jennifer because she's kind and she understands me. She always encourages me and makes me feel more confident.

I started re- learning to play the piano with Jennifer in September last year, as an adult. I played the piano for 4-5 years as a child, and wanted to start again. However, I did not know if I would find piano practice as enjoyable as I hoped. My anxiety was completely blown away by Jennifer. She is a very professional, skilled, patient and nice teacher. She teaches me how to practice certain techniques deliberately, and how to express piano music myself. Her lessons are focused and fun. I never notice the time! Under her guidance, I find myself enjoying learning much more than I remembered as a child, and my appreciation and awareness of music also increased even s a listener. I am really happy to continue my piano music journey with such a talented teacher.
M. Fenesa

Jangmi Seo

Age 7

I like my piano lessons because Jennifer makes them exciting and I like playing together with her. I also enjoy doing my theory book because I get to do fun activities. I like to write my own songs too.

Camilla Ragulin

Age 5

The lessons are wonderful. I look forward to them! Jennifer is kind, patient and supportive. She makes learning the piano easy. I always try new things and I especially like playing duets with her. I know a lot more now than when I started because we work very hard.

Clara Beinhocker

Age 8 (Grade 1)

Jennifer is really kind and I am learning the piano quickly. The lessons go by very quickly because they are so much fun. My piano playing is really improving!

My daughter and I are very happy to have Jennifer as our violin teacher. Jennifer is not only a professional teacher, but also a person who always creates an atmospehre that captivates children. My daughter adores her and loves to attend her lesson every week. She enjoys playing so that I have never needed to push her to practice at home. Jennifer is always very gentle, and is professional to encourage a child to make progress through her fun lessons. My daughter started violin lessons from the beginning of her reception year, at age of 4, and after half an year she became able to read simple music note and enjoys playing easy pieces alone.
Michiko Nakatani-akagi - (Daughter: Chee, age 5)