How to practice

With a good practice method, you can maximise the amount you achieve with your practice time and eliminate physical tension.
Here are 6 points to help you practise:

  • Warm up - both away and from the instrument
  • Take frequent breaks - if your concentration level is wavering, stop immediately. If you start to get tired, take a break and drink plenty of water to increase blood flow to the hands.
  • Awareness - extreme fatigue can often be a sign that is technically incorrect
  • Practise away from the instrument - your mind needs to be clear in what you intend to do both musically and technically
  • Cool down - after your practice, you need to allow your muscles to relax
  • General fitness - a healthy body and mind will allow you to maximise your practice

Think of the instrument as a sport: you would not embark upon a sport without warming up or cooling down and your performance is entirely dependent on your fitness levels.